How We Do It

Quality policy

Our quality policy is defined and driven by the following guiding principles and behaviors:

  • Pursue and achieve our set commitments for cost, quality and schedule of orders.
  • Understand our customers need and in turn the needs of their customer as well, in order to cater to our customer as such to ensure their long term success, eventually building a mutually profitable relationship.
  • Augment product research and preventive mechanisms at all levels.
  • Continuously strive for innovative techniques based upon efficient processes, improve agreed upon measurements, practices and customer feedback.
  • Run thorough training programs at all levels to induce creativity, skill, empowerment and accountability within the staff members, and show strong and resolute management involvement and commitment.

Hallmark textiles provides all types of knitted socks to its partners situated globally. We strive to be at the forefront of the socks industry. These guidelines have been formulated and approved by our Chief Executive Officer and well discussed and explained at general meetings, trainings to all of our new and existing employees. The policy is also posted at various locations through out the company. Through using such guidelines, everyone in the hallmark family is accountable for fully satisfying our customers by meeting or exceeding their needs and expectations. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal that we strive for at all times.

Training & workshops

Our top management runs vigorous training programs all around the year to all new and existing employees. Training plans are set in all departments and as per need they are rolled out. The workshops aim to instill new skills in our employees in order to meet new challenges and uplift quality of work. Similarly training of new and existing employees helps company achieve its set standards

  • Individual training aims at enhancing individual efficiency and most of the times is given in working areas of employees such as knitting halls.
  • Group trainings which take place in our meeting room, intends to inculcate new changes in the employees to meet new strategies.
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