Hallmark textiles, A knit above the rest

Manufacturers of all kinds of knitted socks

socks per month

1.3 million pairs of

in the shortest of lead times

All kinds of athletic socks

Hallmark textiles, A knit above the rest

kinds of knitted socks

Manufacturers of all

About Us

With the vision of creating value for our customers, Hallmark textiles, based in Lahore, Pakistan, strives to become socks experts in manufacturing and as global suppliers. Currently we have the capacity to provide 1.3 million pairs of socks which comprises of all kinds of athletic and fashion socks. Our talented team of experts work closely with our clients to offer them the best product in the market. We strive every day to become one of the most ethical and sustainable manufacturers and exporters in Pakistan.

  • Product development

  • Knitting

  • Toe closing

  • Processing

  • Pressing & Boarding

  • Labeling & Packaging

  • Quality assurance

What We Do

All kinds of Sports/fashion/work/soccer/technical socks

We believe in Teamwork, Just in Timework, Hard work, Admirable work.

Employee Training programs

Employee satisfaction

HOur employees are part of one big Hallmark family and proper attention is given into their well-being and their working environment.

Quality policy

Hallmark textiles provides all types of knitted socks to its partners situated globally. We strive to be at the forefront of the socks industry.

Training & workshops

Our top management runs vigorous training programs all around the year to all new and existing employees. Training plans are set in all departments and as per need they are rolled out

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